Collaborative Law Agreement protects children during high conflict divorce
Jayne Embree, Butterfield Law

Vancouver Courier article
Mutual respect the goal of collaborative divorce – Tom Sandborn, Vancouver Courier

How to Listen Collaboratively
How to Listen Collaboratively by Robert Blank

How to Negotiate Collaboratively
How to Negotiate Collaboratively by Robert Blank

How Collaborative Process Keeps Children’s Interests at the Heart of Agreements
How Collaborative Process Keeps Children’s Interests at the Heart of Agreements by Marnie Olchowecki

The New Family Law Act: A Lawyer’s Reflections
The New Family Law Act: A Lawyer’s Reflections by Mary Mouat, QC

HONESTY – Co-Parenting Pyramid
Another block in the Co-Parenting Pyramid of Success is Honesty.  In this article, Bob Blank sets out why this quality is needed.

COMMITMENT – Block #1 Co-Parenting Pyramid
In a previous article, Bob Blank outlined the Parenting Pyramid of Success containing 15 different skills or qualities that separated parents need to successfully co-parent.  This article is the first about a specific quality, COMMITMENT.

Divorce and Grief – Jayne Embree
Recognizing the five stages of grief can help you understand the many emotions you feel during  separation and divorce.  In particular, consider how emotions affect the decisions people make.

Completing a BC Supreme Court Financial Statement – Karen Henry
Has your lawyer or financial advisor asked you to complete a Financial Statement?  This article will help you complete it.  Full financial disclosure is a requirement of family law settlements.  The very helpful summary provided by the BC Supreme Court Financial Statement form is used in collaborative law processes.

Retirement Decisions Post Separation – Dan Greco
Spouses who have separated need to consider how the separation will affect their retirement finances.  In this article, Dan Greco sets out important questions to consider, especially regarding pensions, when making retirement decisions after a separation.

Personal Income Tax Returns – Tips and Traps for Separated Parents – Terry Parkes
Separated parents or spouses may complete some parts of their personal income tax returns incompletely or incorrectly.  In this article, Terry Parkes, a chartered accountant, discusses claiming and documenting spousal support, claiming your children as “eligible dependents” and child care expenses.

Introduction to the New Family Law Act – Trudi Brown
The new Family Law Act will come into force in BC in 2013.  In this article, Trudi Brown gives an overview of the major changes in the new legislation.  Gone are the terms “guardianship”, “custody” and “access”.  The new Act refers to “parenting arrangements”, “parental responsibilities”, “parenting time” and “contact with a child.”  There will no longer be a distinction between married and common-law spouses when dividing property after a separation.  Read the article for further information on the coming changes to family law in BC.

Co-Parenting Pyramid of Success – Robert Blank

How To Co-Parent Successfully after Separation and Divorce – Robert Blank
What are the qualities and skills that separated parents need to successfully co-parent? Psychologist and divorce coach Robert Blank has identified 15 skills, as set out in the diagram that accompanies this introductory article.   Mr. Blank will provide explore the 15 skills that make up the Pyramid of Success in subsequent articles.

Where Do You Start? – Marnie Olchowecki
For different reasons, January is often the month that people start pursuing a divorce. The article, “Where Do You Start?”, has excellent points to consider when starting a separation process, and contains general guidelines for choosing a process that will best support you and your family through this life-changing transition.