No court separation options in Victoria, BC

Collaborative Family Separation Professionals provide a no-court approach to divorce, reducing the time and costs typically associated with separation, minimizing stress, and allowing healing to begin sooner.

Using Collaborative Family Law, our diverse team of lawyers, child specialists, divorce coaches and financial advisors will work with both you and your partner to find resolution to any parenting or financial issues using a respectful, supportive process that puts control back in your hands.

Discover a more respectful and dignified approach to divorce.

Unsure of where to start?

We offer a service to help you learn more about all the options and what seems to be the best fit in terms of your strengths and your challenges. Whether or not you choose the collaborative process, you will leave with a clear sense of next steps to take on your roadmap through separation.

Are you a family in the midst of separation or divorce and wondering how to pay for it? We have a program for you.

BC Families who wish to participate in our Program must have a family law concern they need help resolving and:

• Spouses agree to participate in meetings online;
• Have a combined gross annual family income of less than $75,000; and
• Have less than $100,000 in equity in assets, excluding pension plans.

Apply here or contact the Project Administrator by email to learn more: