• Natalie Smith*
  • Child Specialist
  • Divorce Coach

3114 Wascana Street
Victoria, BC
V9A 1W3
P. (250) 893-4025

Natalie has over two decades of experience working with children, youth and families in the public and private sectors. She is also an instructor in the School of Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria.

Natalie’s practice as a collaborative family separation professional is grounded in family systems and family restructuring therapy. Natalie believes that while couples separate after a breakup or divorce, family ties last forever. Her goal is not to restore a relationship between former partners or spouses, but rather to help forge a new relationship between co-parents. She strives to help parents support each other after separation and respect the importance that each parent has in the lives of their children.

Natalie has co-designed the Fresh Start for Families program in her agency that helps families create a sustainable, longterm blueprint for effective shared parenting, putting the children’s best interests at the centre of the program. Her team-based program works with both parents, remains neutral and child-centred, and she finds effective ways to help families embrace the possibility of a fresh start and a new family narrative. Natalie strives to be responsive and supportive to each family’s needs, while providing structure, guidance and practical solutions throughout her work with each family.