Our Team

  • Katie Campbell-Elsdon*
  • Child Specialist
  • Divorce Coach

1026 Roslyn Rd
Victoria, BC
V8S 4R5
P. (250) 885-1361
E. katie@heartwoodfamilywellness.com

Katie is the clinical director of Heartwood Family Wellness and has served families with compassion and care for 9 years.

Katie is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who is passionate about helping children and families. As a Child Specialist and Divorce coach, Katie advocates for the best interest of the children and encourages parents to divorce with collaboration and compassion. She works with parties to build strong communication and conflict management tools.

Katie’s skills and expertise helps families to work together. She uses person-centered and empathy based counselling in the work she does.

For more information about Katie please go to www.heartwoodfamilywellness.com