Role of the Divorce Coach

The divorce coaches are licensed mental health professionals who are experienced in working with couples, families and children and are knowledgeable about the problems and issues of separation and divorce. They have been trained in the collaborative family law model and are governed by professional organizations which ensure the highest standards of practice. The divorce coach is included in the Collaborative Participation Agreement which states that all discussions involving the divorce coaches are part of the collaborative process and therefore protected from any future adversarial action. The divorce coaches are not acting as therapists or counsellors, but are using their training and skills to help the couple focus on their goals and achieve a positive outcome in the collaborative process.

In individual meetings, the coach will:

In 4 way coaching meetings, the coach will:

In working with the team the coach will:

Qualifications of  the Divorce Coach

  1. Registration and accreditation in good standing in British Columbia as one or more of the following:
    1. Registered psychologist  (R.Psych)
    2. Registered clinical counselor  (RCC)
    3. Registered clinical social worker (RCSW)
    4. Registered social worker (RSW)
    5. Psychiatrist (MD, specializing in Psychiatry)
    6. Registered with the Association for Marriage and Family Therapy  (AMFT)
    7. Registered with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA)
  2. Background, education and experience in:
    1. Family systems theory
    2. Individual and family life cycle and development
    3. Assessment of individual and family strengths
    4. Assessment and challenges of family dynamics in separation and divorce
  3. At least two years of clinical experience with a focus on couples, families and systemic issues
  4. At least two years of therapeutic experience working with couples or families who are experiencing separation / divorce
  5. Membership in good standing in the Collaborative Family Separation Professionals group in Victoria.
  6. Meets the qualifications for membership with the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP).