Benefits of Collaboration

  • You don’t go to court.
  • Your feelings and values are honoured and respected.
  • The process is open and transparent. Each party puts his or her cards on the table and negotiates in good faith.
  • Each participant must be mindful of both spouses’ interests and goals, understanding that any agreement must meet the needs of both spouses.
  • The process is confidential and private. Disclosed information is protected by the terms of the Participation Agreement.
  • The parties have access to well-trained and caring professionals with specialized skills including divorce coaches, financial advisors, child specialists and lawyers.
  • There is no winner and no loser. We work together to reach agreements that satisfy both spouses.
  • The process encourages communication and conflict resolution.
  • CFL is the best process to create lasting and cooperative parenting arrangements.
  • The process can be cheaper and faster than going to court.
  • You have more control of the time frame and cost of the process.
  • If you qualify for Legal Aid, it may pay for part of the CFL process.
  • Your employee assistance plan or extended health insurance may cover part of the divorce coach or child specialist’s services.
  • The CFL process and professionals may be used in the future, if necessary, as children’s needs change or other issues arise.