Our Process


The Victoria Collaborative Family Separation Professionals (CFSP) are a group of independent professionals, including counsellors, psychologists, social workers, accountants, chartered business valuators, certified financial planners, and lawyers, who have chosen and been trained to work together in the collaborative process.  Our mission statement is:

“We encourage and promote a new process to create positive solutions for people in conflict and families in transition.”

Collaborative Family Law is a process in which the parties, their lawyers, and other professionals who are part of their collaborative team, agree in writing to work together to create agreements that resolve the issues arising out of the parties’ separation. No one will go to court or use threats of court.

Instead, we work to create solutions that address the values and goals of both parties and their children. The sole objective is to reach an efficient, fair and comprehensive settlement of all issues. The parties choose to use collaborative professionals including financial advisors, psychologists, counsellors, child specialists and lawyers in a holistic approach to their family’s needs.

How do we collaborate?
What are the benefits of the collaborative process?
Is the collaborative process right for me?

If you think collaboration might be right for you, but have questions regarding your circumstances, or want to learn more about the process, get started below. We’ll send you more information on collaborative law and can put you in touch with a professional.