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  • Jennifer A. Cooper, Q.C.
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Cooper Family Law
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Every ending is also a beginning.

I have had over 30 years of experience helping couples resolve their family law issues: the ending of a relationship through separation and divorce, or the beginning of a new relationship through pre-nuptial and cohabitation agreements. I understand the challenges of these important life transitions.

If you choose a Collaborative process to resolve your family law issues, I can represent your interests as your Lawyer. Or I can help you and your partner as your Mediator, Arbitrator, or Parenting Coordinator. I will assist you in obtaining resolution without having a court decide the issue, and with an emphasis on creative, shared solutions and open communication.

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Education L.L.B.

Professional Designations

Member of Law Society of British Columbia

Accredited Family Law Mediator

Accredited Family Law Arbitrator

Accredited Parenting Coordinator

Year Began Professional Practice 1980

Relevant Community Service

Currently a Board member of my Strata Council.

Active in the past on many community boards, including children’s daycare board, chair of the parent/teacher/student committee at a high school, on the Board of Governors at the University, Co-chair of a Women’s Services Network, Founding Chair of an Association for Community Health Centers

Relevant Professional Involvements

Past Chairperson, National Family Law Section, Canadian Bar Association

Past Faculty, Federation of Law Societies of Canada, National Family Law Program

Life Bencher, Law Society of Manitoba