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  • Elaine Mary Davies
  • Lawyer

1027 Pandora Avenue
Victoria, BC V8V 3P6
P. (250) 382-1370
F. (250) 382-1373
E. elaine@elainedavies.ca

I am committed to and excited by the opportunity to work with adults who want to resolve their issues collaboratively, thus avoiding long drawn out and costly (financially and emotionally) court process. I personally believe that people who engage in this process will learn ways to work with each other in the future — particularly important for parents who will go on being parents together long after I, as a lawyer, will have left the process. As a collaborative family law lawyer, I feel that I am truly able to help individuals move forward.

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B.A. (History:Concordia University)
M.A. (History:Concordia University)
LL.M. (University of Victoria)

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Member of the Law Society (BC)

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