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  • Dawn Sather
  • Child Specialist

211 – 2186 Oak Bay Avenue
Victoria, BC V8R 1G3
P. (250) 880-6230
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Since 2000, I have been practicing as a registered social worker in infant-parent, child and youth mental health. My experiences as a parent, a grandmother and a therapist have provided the greatest opportunities for my growth and development. I provide direct clinical counseling to children of all ages, experiencing a broad range of challenges, such as: anxiety, depression, relationship, attachment, divorce, trauma and mistreatment. I am a life long learner.

I provide part-time child specialist services, as a member of the Collaborative Family Separation team. My role as a child specialist is to advocate for the “best interests of the child”. This involves assessing the needs of the child, and keeping the child’s needs in focus. The child specialist provides a safe place for the child to share their story and discuss their concerns and interests, without worry of being seen as taking sides or disappointing either parent.

Education & Professional Designations
Masters Degree in Social Work, University of Northern British Columbia
Registered Social Worker (BCCSW 08439)
Post Graduate Certificate: Infant-Parent Mental Health, University of Massachusetts Boston

BC College of Social Work (08439)
BC Association of Social Work (1004717)
BC Association of Clinical Counsellor (15802)
World Association of Infant Mental Health
Western Canadian Association of Infant Mental Health
Zero to Three