Collaborative Separation Professionals offer divorce with dignity.

Separation is a challenging time. Big decisions must be made. The court system often increases everyone’s pain, anger and expense.

There is a better way. There is real help available. There is a no court option. You will retain control over the decisions for your children and your future, and limit the emotional and financial costs of separation.

In Collaborative Family Law, professionals work as a team with both you and your spouse to help you resolve parenting and financial issues in a respectful process.

Usually, spouses find this process is less expensive and faster than court, and that a final agreement reached through collaboration is much more satisfying than going to court.



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August 2016 – New newsletter available!
Welcome to the summer edition of our newsletter, with articles by two of our child specialists. Marnie Olchowecki has written an article about parent-child contact problems after separation, and Jane Taylor Lee shares her observations of her most frequently-heard statements from children over the course of her 20 years talking with children who live with separated parents in conflict.



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